A Dream Come True

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Back in the summer of 2006, my friend Alex Barker coaxed me into downloading StepMania, a free, open-source dance simulator. It was one of his favourite games, and he wanted me to try it out too. Reluctantly, I gave in an downloaded StepMania with a couple song packs (DDRMAX, DDRMAX 2, and Pop Candy). I started playing the game using just my keyboard and ended up enjoying it a lot. I decided to buy a cheap, $20 dance pad off of eBay to get the "full" experience and within a few weeks I was rockin' out like I'd never done before.

In December of the same year, I started working at the local movie theatre. I noticed that the theatre had a dance arcade machine, "In The Groove 2" it was called. In The Groove was a franchise made by the same people who created StepMania