I Did an Art!

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I bought a HUION 580 8x5 graphics tablet off Amazon for $50 the other day on a whim because I've been needing to draw technical diagrams lately and using a mouse is a pain. Since I got this tablet now, I decided I should maybe start learning to draw a bit, too! Today I streamed my first attempt at drawing for a few friends. I used QuickPoses.com to cycle through new poses every 60 seconds, giving just enough time to quickly sketch out the basic human form without any detail. To be honest, I am somewhat impressed with the results. While my sketched are garbage, then went from "complete garbage" to "slightly better than complete garbage" over the course of an hour. Here is a full set of my sketches for today, let me know where you think the beginning is, and where the end is. ;)

If you'd like to watch me sketch some time, tune in to my new art stream!