NVIDIA Drivers

Last night, for some reason that I am still not sure of, My NVIDIA drivers crapped out on me. I restarted my computer for a kernel update and when I tried to log back in, I got a very unpleasant error message telling me that everything was fire. I tried updating my drivers via sudo dnf reinstall akmod-nvidia but that didn't seem to do much. After several hours of tinkering around, uninstalling drivers, reinstalling drivers, swapping out kernels, I decided to completely remove both NVIDIA and Nouveau drivers from my system and try installing the ones from the NVIDIA website as opposed to the version that comes in rpmfusion. And that worked... flawlessly. It fixed a bunch of other issues I was having, too.

So just a heads up, if you're running a GTX 550 Ti and having trouble with the 358.16 driver, try reverting to the 352.79 driver!